Additive Manufacturing Tool Optimization Platform

A platform of tools for the product and process optimization, targeted to the design and engineering of structural products to realize with additive manufacturing technologies.

The platform is a stand-alone software developed and registered by ITACAe Srl; it includes built-in CAx (Computer Aided x) tools that best fits AM needs, which may integrate with external tools, to manage every stage of design and engineering in the most effective and efficient way.

AMTOP also means a new supply chain system approach for consolidation of additive technology and the study of new production paradigms. The innovative approach includes additional services to cover the whole product development cycle.

 - Scanning: the management of the shipment of the physical part by the customer to the owner of x-ray tomography or laser scanning methodologies and subsequent data elaboration.

 - Design: topological optimization, wrapping and CAD modelling, to get an optimized product 3D model, considering product functional and structural requirements and AM technology constraints.

 - Production: print preparation & process simulation to get a semi-finished part model (with supports and extra-material); management of the manufacturing of the semi-finished part with metal & polymer AM machines and the final part, through end processing (machining, finishing, treatment) operations.

 - Qualification: Managing the geometrical and material qualification, the ISO 9001 and EN 9100 certification and the shipment to the customer.